PSO Auditions

Parker Symphony Orchestra is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to perform orchestral music that educates, entertains and inspires the people of Parker and the surrounding Denver-area communities.

We currently have openings for:

  • All Strings
  • Substitute players for all sections

Note that while concerts are performed at PACE, rehearsals are held at Cherry Creek High School, unless otherwise noted, and are held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 9:15pm.

To schedule an audition for the PSO, please contact the personnel manager at:

In addition to the required orchestral excerpts, please prepare a solo of your choice (no more than 3 minutes in length) which demonstrates your level of proficiency on your instrument.

Required excerpts to be played at the audition can be found in PDF format below; click on the instrument name for the corresponding excerpts.

If you are auditioning on a woodwind instrument, and you are also able, and interested in doubling when necessary on an auxiliary instrument, (Flute / Piccolo, Oboe / English Horn, Clarinet / Bass Clarinet, Bassoon / Contra Bassoon) please choose one of the listed excerpts to play on the auxiliary instrument at the audition.

If you are auditioning for percussion, please prepare a solo piece, all of the percussion orchestral excerpts, plus one excerpt for timpani. If you are auditioning only for timpani, please prepare a solo piece plus all of the timpani orchestral excerpts.